Disturbed – the band


Tha band:

Disturbed - the band

The people - disturbed

They have a mix of classic metal, and old rock with something new. Their music sometimes sounds like it is not so heavy, and in the same time it is strong with a modification of a singer’s voice.

As Wikipedia says: Originally classified as a nu metal band, Disturbed is now regarded by some music critics as hard rock or heavy metal, although others now regard them as alternative meta.
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Recommendations of songs:

Land of confusion – the most famous

Decadence – example of a harder song
Website http://www.disturbed1.com


~ by tihomirs on July 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Disturbed – the band”

  1. disturbed you guys rock dude you guys are fucking awsome i am your biggest fan and i am coming to see you guys when you tour with seether

  2. disturbed I love all your songs you guys are in fact the best band in any genre of music on this whole motherfuckin’ universe I am your BIGGEST fan, I have all your CDs, and I will be coming to your concert in Grand Prairie you can count on that I wish to meet you one day and thank you because you guys are the reason I’m going to become part of a Metal Band

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