Homless boy from Bucharest

Great photo form Magnum blog, but a sad story.

Homless boy


~ by tihomirs on August 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “Homless boy from Bucharest”

  1. I feel bad for the boy, is this your intent?. How many children in your city are homeless like this and what do your governments do to help them.
    More interesting is the eye and black lips on the top of the page what do they represent I am interested. they feel evil and old I guess if this also is your intent then all three Photos are a success

  2. Hi Teisha.

    My intent is to present the energy that comes from pain, suffering, and darkness. Sadly this is the case with this little boy.

    Thank you! I am glad that you like the photos.
    They are energetic in a dark way. Some see evil, some imagination, and some inspiration in them. It is just like when you are sad, or hurt, but then you feel a lot more emotions then just feeling ok.

    Do you like photography? Have you done some by yourself?

  3. Indeed, Bucharest is the home of homeless. Or at least we expect so.

  4. I wish I could help that young person. Terry

  5. What a very sad photo. The image of innocence crushed. What emerges is a premature man in a boys body who while was once pure and kind, will now more than likely kill you to survive. The photo represents the elasticity of the human experience. While at once shocking and painfull; it is also a tribute to our spirit of survival. Good work on this shot.

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