Illustration, artwork, caricature

I truly love good illustration, caricature, or some other artwork. They can take me to the another world, make my imagination flourish, and allow me to feel like I am free to create what ever I want, because everything depends only on my ideas, and the way I look at it.

Good work can show you how the same world looks like to the artist.

Here are some good works:

Ilustration Alberto Cerriteno

Ilustration Alberto Cerriteno - woman

Ilustration Alberto Cerriteno - dream bottle

Alberto Cerriteno –


Chris Wahl - grandma ilustration

Chris Wahl - ilustration - young kid with a long red hair

Chris Wahl - 300 ilustration

Chris Wahl - ilustration - head of a fat man

Chris Wahl –


Jeff Ward - ilustration - henchman

Jeff Ward –



Brendan Monroe - ilustration, painting - red mass with spikes

Brendan Monroe –



Some other great resources for ilustration blogs:

Today inspiration –
Wor that has already been done.

Serge Maksimov –


~ by tihomirs on December 12, 2007.

One Response to “Illustration, artwork, caricature”

  1. It’s amazing how people see this world of ours. You can really dive into the world of fancy and spend there lots of time, imagining almost anything. Our imagination is priceless.Great works!

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